Friday, 15 September 2017

Want To Start Your Own Online Ecommerce Marketplace script? Try Advance Alibaba Clone Script Pro

As more B2B buyers move online to make their purchases, B2B ecommerce is becoming a top priority for manufacturers and distributors across a wide variety of industries. Companies are taking different approaches to their online selling strategies. Today’s B2B buyers demand the same modern online shopping experiences and ease of use that consumers enjoy. Alibaba clone script pro makes it easy to build those experiences, plus includes the specific tools you need to serve your B2B and wholesale buyers. It all integrates deeply with your existing systems and ecommerce solutions for seamless processing and fulfillment.
Some, for instance, are choosing to sell via online B2B marketplaces, where suppliers can put their products up for sale alongside other manufacturers and brands in order to make their product lines more discoverable to a wider audience. There are definitely downsides to this B2B marketplace approach, however. Many manufacturers and distributors are attracted to the idea of a B2B marketplace because of the visibility it might offer their brand. By selling on an established marketplace, where buyers are already going to look for other products, brands hope to capture new customers. Features of Alibaba clone script pro are given below:
1)    Security on Guard:  Site lock website security scanning protects your domain registration information. This advice might seem obvious to some but it should not be overlooked.
2)    Store Membership: Provide a login for the store/vendor/seller from there he can trade and communicate with other traders.
3)    Store pay yearly membership: Once a vendor (store) register it can manage its account for 365 days and get notification for renew before package expire.
4)    Unlimited sellers: In Alibaba clone script unlimited number of vendor can register and post their products.
5)    Store micro website: It is store micro site. Only seller adds his product and only seller manage this site. Seller/store/vendor will have their own online store with micro website like
6)    Supplier and product category: Admin add a supplier & products category and see all information also admin search products.
7)    Country Management: In this script, Admin can add a Country, edit and remove also delete in this section.
8)    Home page Banner Management: In Alibaba clone script pro, admin can manage Home Page Banner in this section.
9)     Payment Gateway: when seller update his package then his amount show in this page.
10)  View all users: Admin can see all user and manage easily.
11)  Inquire about multiple products: Inquire about multiple products for users. User see all products details and send inquire for this product.
12)  SEO Friendly:  Alibaba clone script is highly designed by keeping SEO in mind. It is understand the use and benefit of SEO.  
13)  Mobile Responsive:  New intelligent responsive layout supports mobile device as well as tab, pc, desktop, laptop etc.
14) Custom Work station:  It is fully customizable readymade script portal where all type of custom modification which starts from changing the layouts and goes up adding or modifying the features.

Alibaba clone script Pro is recently launched in the market. It is the new version of Alibaba clone script with advance features.  It is fully customizable and user friendly script. User can make their own changes according to their wish and can easily modify the script. Now business runners got the new idea of earning profit and enhance their business in the world freely without more efforts. Watch the full detail @

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