Thursday, 7 September 2017

Boost Your Online B2B and B2C Ecommerce Marketplace With Dealkart Ecommerce Script Portal

People of today era always prefer online shopping. Along with this business runners like to start their own online B2B ecommerce marketplace script. The business of selling and purchasing products online becomes very popular in the today’s world. This is the best way to make advertisements of their products and services. Many ready to use scripts are available in the market, but one have to choose the advance featured Dealkart Ecommerce Script portal.
This is as opposed to B2C (Business to Consumer), which describes the online business transacted between a business and individual customers. Where B2C Ecommerce transactions are relatively simple, B2B transactions are much more complex. In B2C, prices are generally fixed, shipping is straightforward, and quantities are low. In contrast, B2B transactions prices are highly variable, relying on a number of pricing variables throughout. Because business are much larger entities (than individual consumers), the volume of products and services are much higher – and have much more complicated shipping requirements. The complexity of the B2B E-Commerce market makes the solution requirements and implementation processes very demanding.

A B2B ecommerce marketplace is exactly what it sounds like brands sell their products wholesale in an online marketplace right alongside their competitors. The Direct Model, on the other hand, involves a brand creating a B2B ecommerce portal dedicated only to their products. Let’s take a look at the differences between these two e-Commerce models in more detail. Dealkart ecommerce script portal is complete readymade, fully customizable, user friendly, east manageable, SEO ready script portal for those business runners who want to make their carrier in selling and purchasing online products.

Why people like and choose only Dealkart ecommerce script portal:

1) Fully customizable

2) Security features

3) Free update and support

4) Custom work

5) Complete solution

6) Mobile compatible

7) SEO ready

8) User friendly and easy manageable

9) Free server installation

Company builds this B2B Script by keeping in mind all the basic features a Buyer and Seller needs in any B2B Portal Site. It has also designed the user friendly and SEO optimized B2B Layout. Easy-to-go navigations for visitors and members with powerful searching and shorting feature. Excellent My Account Section for members, wherein members can easily keep track of all their sell leads and buying leads. Easy to contact features members-members, sellers-buyers, buyers-sellers etc. Script has been designed and developed keeping it SEO in mind. It understands the need of Seo and knows how it is important for the business development. Due to mobile compatibility there is no need of Pc and laptop to access and manage. Readymade solution will be the right choice to make an ecommerce B2B or B2C marketplace without any web development knowledge and this is possible by readymade ecommerce website building software script, which is used to create an ecommerce marketplace website instantly by integrating the marketplace script into your domain and doing some installation process. All of this task will take few hours to complete the overall web development setup. Watch the full detail @

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