Friday, 10 February 2017

aliexpress clone eagle's script

Ali express clone is created by eagle technosys  company where seller can easily sell their products to a company or a single customer. Ali express is a software that is made up of  by using Php and mysql languages. We have created so many websites according to the user requirements and now we came with a very useful and beneficial for the development and enhancement of business that is Ali express clone. it is not used only in india but also outside the country.

Ali Express is a B2b B2C based .B2B means Business to business and B2C means Business to Customer. So it is website where seller and buyer both meets with their requirements. Our websites provide opportunity to start business online. Seller  can advertise their products online with their features and if  buyer is interested in the products then he can buy the products with online payments option such as paypal and with also offline options like Payza, Bank etc.

Attractive features of Ali Express Clone
·        It is mobile portable, user and buyer can use on their mobile phones.
·        Easy payment options: it provides easy online payments option like paypal and with also offline options like Payza, Bank etc.
·        Email verification
·        User friendly
·        Social media sharing
·        Feedback facility provided
·        Search engine optimization(SEO)
·        Facebook, twitter & youtube integration facility provided to you so the vendors can follow you.
·        No programming required. Anyone can use it easily and use it from anywhere, anytime.
·        Our script allows you to access and manage your online website anywhere in the world, simply login via the password-protected administrative area .

Contact Us
For any query you can contact us at
Eagle Technosys
M.D.V Colony, Bikaner, Rajasthan,334001
+91 7737693714, 9214578281
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